Awake When I'm Sleeping

I'll tell you one thing

the heart is like a punching bag,
pounded from the inside.

Anzhelina Polonskaya

look at me now, I’m quiet as sound

“You live your life, you try to live compassionately, and that’s the end of it. You do a little more than you should have to in order to be a good person, but you don’t go making big changes in the world, trying to fix things. It presumes too much to do so. There’s only this: if everyone acts quietly, compassionately, things will go a little better than they would have otherwise. But people will still suffer.”

  Jesse Ball, Samedi the Deafness

i’ve got monsters
how about you

Keith Caputo

The art of losing isn't hard to master

Elizabeth Bishop

You want love? Do you even know what it looks like, smells like?

Joy Harjo

"My brother,

if I name the things disappearing from this world,

how long can I keep them from doing so?”

Spencer Reece

“Tell me, he said, “What is this thing about time? Why is it better to be late than early? People are always saying, we must wait, we must wait. what are they waiting for?”

"Well […] I guess people wait in order to make sure of what they feel."

"And when you have waited—-has it made you sure?”

― James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

I don’t know if we’re in the beginning
or in the final stage.

Tomas Tranströmer

If we want to have a love which will protect the soul from wounds, we must love something other than God.

Simone Weil